・What is the Alexander Technique?
 The Alexander Technique is a method that works to change movement habits in daily activities by cultivating awareness and re-educating psychophysical coordination.
I work with students mainly chair work and table work. Through the chair work, a student works how to stand, sit, and move in between these activities with a teacher.  By taking time to explore movements that we do daily and habitually will help to notice how we respond to the stimuli. In the table work, a student lies down on the massage table with a book for the head support, the knees up towards the ceiling. In this process, a student discovers the mind-body connection. I also teach group classes for cultivating awareness by exploring simple activities.
  There are many stimuli that come from outside and inside of ourselves. A moment you think about a movement, during the activity, a moment that you think next movement, being in the crowd, being pressed for time, etc...  One of my interests is the possibility of changing habits such as movement, mental, postural, and so on. To achieve the best results, being aware of how to respond to stimuli and choosing the best responses at those moments are the ways to go.

・My Story
  The main reason that I started taking AT lessons was numbness in my right arm and right leg and I had been looking for a solution. I experienced not only relief from that, but also ease in my whole body in a few lessons and I also found myself happier. I wanted to know what was going on in this process, I joined a training course to be an Alexander Technique teacher.

・The benefits of the Alexander Technique?
  Performers who want to improve their performance. (Musicians, Actors, Dancers, Athletes, etc) 
  More efficient and economical body use for Office Work, House Work.
  Improving the ability to manage stress
  Preventing injury and chronic pain
  For people who are interested in the re-education of mind-body coordination.

  And more!

・Lesson Fee
  $50 for a lesson (60mins) + studio fee

  Osaka, Hyogo, Tokyo, Japan
Takehiro photo

Takehiro Shimizu, M,AmSAT is a teacher of the Alexander Technique. He teaches private lessons and group classes in NYC and Japan. 

He enrolled in the American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT) teacher training course in 2016 and transferred to Balance Arts Center (BAC). He received Alexander Technique teacher certification from BAC and AmSAT in 2020. 

His main interest in lessons is student and teacher having the rediscovery process of mind body unison naturally and freely in daily life together.  


He has teaching experiences in group classes for actors at Artist’s gym in NYC.

And also he participated as an assistant teacher for musicians at Mannes School of Music at the New School, and for EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome) and Hypermobility at Balance Arts Center.

In private practice, Takehiro’s clients include musicians, actors, dancers, business professionals, people interested in preventing injury and chronic pain, and people who are interested in the re-education of mind-body coordination.


He offers lessons in English and Japanese.


Takehiro holds a bachelor's degree in Human Science from Konan University in Kobe Japan. He also has been working as a jazz drummer for more than 20years.

He likes meditation and reading. He has been practicing handstand.

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